[tlhIngan Hol] “A warrior’s drink”

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Fri Jun 15 16:32:43 PDT 2018

Since {Soj} seems to refer to any kind of edible matter, how would Worf’s reaction to tasting prune juice be expressed in Klingon? {SuvwI' Soj}? Or maybe {SuvwI'na' Soj}?

If one wanted to distinguish between {Soj} that is eaten versus drunk, would {tlhutlhmeH Soj} and {SopmeH Soj} make sense? {Soj (tlhutlh/Sop)laHbogh [vay'?]}?

If one wanted to both say that a {Soj} is for drinking and it’s suitable for true warriors, would something like {Soj tlhutlhlaHbogh SuvwI'na'} make sense? Or is there a more concise/appropriate way to say this?

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