[tlhIngan Hol] bomHomvam'e' reH bomlu'lI'

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Mon Jun 11 16:28:23 PDT 2018

This one was pretty simple, and it’s also my very favorite reconstruction so far, but it’s also very, very evil.

bomvammo' tumuSbe'chugh, vaj not tumuSlaH 'e' vIHar…

bomHomvam'e' reH bomlu'lI',
nI'qu', nI'qu'bej, juppu'wI'.
bomHomvam bomchoHpu' vay', 'ach not mevlaH 'e' HarQo'.
reH bomHomvam wIbomtaH, mamevbe', mevlaHbe'mo'...

[ Hoch pebomqa'. ghIq rIn bom 'e' boHarDI', Hoch pebomqa'. 'ej pebomqa'. bomvam bobom 'e' pemevQo'. bomvam mevlaH bomwI' Hegh neH. ]

(“The Song that Doesn’t End” boSovbe'chugh, 'oH boghoj_Qo'_ 'e' vIchup_qu'_!)

If you do not hate me because of this song, then I believe you will never be able to hate me…

This little song will always be in the process of being sung,
It is very long, it is certainly very long, my friends.
Somebody had started singing this little song, but refused to believe that it can never stop.
We will always be singing this little song, we will not stop, because it cannot stop…

[ Sing everything again. Then when you believe the song is finished, sing everything again. And sing again. Do not stop singing this song. Only the death of the singer can stop this song. ]

(If you do not know “The Song That Doesn’t End”, I _strongly_ recommend that you do _not_ learn it!)

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