[tlhIngan Hol] “Some nights ago” / julwIj wov SoHbej

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Sat Jun 9 06:29:25 PDT 2018

(At this rate I might just keep doing these reconstructions and publish a collection of reconstructed children’s songs)

While reconstructing the original Klingon lyrics to “You are my sunshine”, I wanted to express “some nights ago” as a time stamp. What I came up with was “Hu' puS ram”. Does that make any sense? (If not, in this particular case I think I could just make it an explicit “cha'Hu' ram”, which I think is a possible literal interpretation of “the other night”.

Anyway, here’s another reconstruction: I usually only hear the refrain and first verse of the Terran version, and I hadn’t realized how very sad this song is (which is probably why the other verses are usually omitted.)

mu'mey bomqa'lu'bogh:
julwIj wov SoHbej, latlh jul vIghajbe'.
'eng law' ghajDI' chal, choQuchqa'moH.
bangwI' SoHbej, 'ach chaq not bISovlaH.
julwIj wov yItlhapQo' 'e' vItlhob!

Refrain (“words which are sung again”):
You are certainly my bright sun, I do not have another sun.
When the sky has many clouds, you make me happy again.
You are certainly my loved one, but perhaps you will never be able to know.
I beg that you do not take my bright sun!

Hu' puS ram bangwI', jIQongtaHvIS jIH,
DeSDu'wIjDaq qa'uch 'e' vInaj.
'ach ghIq jIvemDI', jIQaghlaw'pu' jIH.
nach vI'eSmoH 'ej jISaQchoH.

Some nights ago, my love, while I was sleeping,
I dreamt that I held you in my arms.
But then when I awoke, I had apparently been mistaken.
I lowered my head and began to cry.

(mu'mey bomqa'lu'bogh pebomqa')

(Sing Refrain again)

reH qamuSHa' 'ej reH qaQuchqu'moH.
jIHvaD 'e' Dajatlh je vIneHqu'.
'a jIH cholonchugh, 'ej latlh Danejchugh,
'opleS 'e' Dapay 'e' vIHarchu'.

I will always love you and I will always make you very happy.
I want very much that you say that to me as well.
But if you abandon me, and if you find another,
I perfectly believe that someday you will regret that.

(mu'mey bomqa'lu'bogh pebomqa')

(Sing refrain again)

chomuSHa'qu' 'e' wa'logh Daja'pu',
not nuchev vay' 'e' Daja'pu' je.
'ach DaH cholonpu', latlh DamuSHa'qu',
vaj Hoch vItulbogh Daghorpu'.

You had said once that you love me very much,
You had also said that someone would never separate us.
But now you have abandoned me, you love another very much,
So you have broken everything that I hope for.

(mu'mey bomqa'lu'bogh pebomqa')

(Sing refrain again)

reH jInajtaHvIS, cholonqa'law' SoH.
jIvemDI' 'oy'qu' tIqwIj Do'Ha'.
naDev DacheghDI', choQuchqa'moHDI',
Hoch jIqeHHa', 'ej chopIchlaHba'!

Always while I am dreaming, you seem to abandon me again.
When I wake up my unfortunate heart hurts very much.
When you come back here, when you make me happy again,
I will forgive everything, and you can obviously blame me!

(mu'mey bomqa'lu'bogh pebomqa')

(Sing refrain again)

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