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>> On 7/3/2018 5:44 AM, De'vID wrote:
>> The Latin-script writing system we use for Klingon is a phonetic
transcription. We don't actually know how to "spell" anything in any native
Klingon writing system.
>> Alas, that is no longer true. Thanks to the intervention of certain
Klingonists, Klingon has appeared in decipherable writing on Star Trek:
Discovery, in the one-to-one phonemic alphabet invented by another certain
Klingonist. This alphabet is directly translatable to our Latin-letter
transcription. We are stuck with this most boring of writing systems being
on-screen canon, at least for the Discovery Klingons, and no explanation of
why the in-universe compilers of The Klingon Dictionary had such a hard
time understanding it.
> Klingon has also appeared in different forms as well, the vast majority
of them are completely undecipherable. If all the writing systems shown in
Trek are valid, then I can see why the in-universe compilers of the Klingon
Dictionary would have a hard time. Maybe they were able to decipher the
pIqaD that maps sounds to single letters, but they still haven't unlocked
all the secrets of the writing system. I'd compare this to being able to
figure out Hiragana, but still having no idea how Kanji works. There's no
way to intuit one system from the other.

Well, FWIW, Discovery also featured pIqaD on display screens that did not
match the one-to-one system.
Therefore, even within Discovery, pIqaD is indeed more complicated than

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