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> Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, July 01, 2018
> Klingon word: QIm
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: egg
> _______________________________________________
> AFAIK never used in a sentence.
> (KGT 88):  Curiously, eggs ({QImmey}) do not play a large role in the Klingon diet as food items in their own right, though they are mixed into many sauces, usually along with the pieces of shell ({pel'aQ}), for flavor and texture. The small eggs of the Tokvirian skink ({toqvIr lung}), however, are often eaten whole, shell and all, usually by the handful.
> (HQ 10.4:4):  [The {borghel} is] "a very small bird whose eggs are considered quite tasty".
> Note the egg-related phrase:  {pel'aQDaj ghorpa'} "before it breaks its shell" (idiom for "before it's too late" or "while there's still time"):
>    pel'aQDaj ghorpa' qama' yIHoH
>    Before it breaks its shell, kill the prisoner.
>    (i.e. "Kill the prisoner now, while you've got a chance") KGT
>    Riker scrambled some Owon eggs he got at Starbase 37. Although the humans thought them disgusting, Worf proclaimed them "delicious". (TNG "Time Squared")

PUN: egg cream (*QIm* sounds like /cream/).


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