[tlhIngan Hol] Is {be'joy'} canon?

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ghItlhpu' De'vID, jatlh:

> I thought it was something an author made up for a novel (A. C. Crispin for "Sarek")

> and not from Okrand, but I've seen it in various word lists.

It's been mentioned several times in the history of the list, but Crispin explicitly acknowledges Okrand's assistance in the creation of the Klingon words and phrases she used in that novel: "Marc Okrand, for inventing words and phrases in Klingonese [sic] when I needed them. Thanks, Marc. Now I know what to say if I ever make love to a Klingon!" (A. C. Crispin, in the acknowledgments to Sarek). Now, whether Okrand himself has ever confirmed the extent or the fact of any active assistance he gave to Crispin is another matter, and one to which I can't speak either way. But standing in support of Crispin's acknowledgment is the fact that Sarek is also the first attestation in print of the Klingon word norgh, predating its appearance in the KGT glossary by three years.

Why be'joy' doesn't appear in the KGT glossary too is itself something of a question. Perhaps it's a technical or culturally restricted term - maybe one might only find it in Okrand's Unabridged? ;) In any case, absent evidence to the contrary, Crispin's explicit thanks to Okrand is good enough for me to accept Sarek's Klingon as Okrandian (though the only genuine novelties in the Sarek material were

the vocabulary terms be'joy' and norgh, IIRC, and the latter was subsequently reiterated in KGT anyway; most of the rest was stuff taken from TKD).

QeS 'utlh
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