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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, June 30, 2018

Klingon word: mej
Part of speech: verb
Definition: leave, depart

You leave. KLS

ghorgh mamej 
When do we leave? CK

vagh rep bImejnIS 
Check-out time is five A.M. CK

bImejDI' reH betleHlIj yItlhap 
Never leave without your bet'telh. TKW 

DorDI' jar mejpu' 
At the end of the month, he/she left.
 ("When the month ended, he/she left") (HQ 12.2)

DaH jImej 
Good-bye TNK

yImej qeylIS 
Be gone with you, Kahless (PB)

yIghoS yImej
Go now, leave me. (PB)

jIHvaD 'etlhwIj yInob ghIq yImej
Give me my sword and get out of my way. (PB)

mej loD qan 
The old man walks away (PB)

jatlh 'e' mevDI' 
    nuvpu' mejmoH ghaH 
    ratlh be'nalDaj luqara' neH. 
After his last words,
    all were sent away,
    but his wife Lukara. PB

ghe'tor Da'elta'
    'ej lojmItmeyvo' Damejta'
    'ach bIrIQbe'mo' SoH neH
Since you are the only one
    Who ever entered Gre'thor,
    And left the gates unharmed  (PB)

vavlI' loDnI'lI' je DaSammeH
    ghe'tor Da'elmo' 'ej Damejmo'
    QeHchoH qa'pu' vaj lubIjlu'
They will pay for the anger
    You caused by entering and leaving,
    Gre'thor in search of your kin.  (PB)

bImej 'e' vIchaw'mo'
    ghe'tor cheghDI' loDnI'wI' vavwI' je
    chaH DatlhejnIS
[translation unavailable]  (PB)

chalqachlIjvo' bImej 'e' bIyIn 'e' vIchaw'pu'
[translation unavailable]  (PB)

bIghHa' DamejDI' pagh QaS yInob 
Get out of jail free. MKE

(qepHom 2015, p.14):  In medical usage, however, doctors and so on make a distinction between {mej'aD} "artery" and {paw'aD} "vein". Maltz said that he thought that earlier these were {mejmeH 'aD} and {pawmeH 'aD}, but over time they were shortened.

(qurgh, 8/15/2016):  Marc said about [{vuj} "expel, eject"] that it's for physically ejecting or expelling things only. It doesn't cover the meaning of "eject" or "expel" when a person is asked to leave somewhere and does so through their own ability (he was ejected from the club so he left and went home, the principal expelled the student), however it does count if the bouncer/teacher picks the person up and physically throws them out of the building." 

tlheD 		depart (v)
DoH 		back away from, back off, get away from (v)
nargh 		escape, eject (v)
Haw' 		flee, get out (v)
qeD 		vacate (v)
choS 		desert (v)

paw		arrive (v)
'el 		enter (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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