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Some examples:

jIHvaD ratlh pagh.
"There is nothing left for me."

qotarvaD lay'ta' 'ej batlh pab qeylIS
    jatlh 'e' mevDI' nuvpu' mejmoH ghaH
    ratlh be'nalDaj luqara' neH
[Don't have the translation handy at this time]

Also, the game Star Trek: Klingon contains the line {luq. ratlh.} when saying that a person is allowed to stay at a {lopno'}. This dialogue was most likely written by Okrand.

To turn "Remain Klingon!" into an imperative, you could use {tlhIngan yImojHa'Qo'!}. ("Don't un-become Klingon!").

That being said, while I can see why you'd want an imperative, I quite like {tlhIngan maH; taHjaj!}; it fits in quite nicely with classic phrases such as {tlhIngan maH!} and {reH tlhIngan wo' taHjaj!} (toast). I also think it works nicely because it's often spoken in chorus; it's not T'Kuvma telling his followers to remain Klingon, but rather T'Kuvma and his followers committing in unison to remain Klingon.


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Before going into detail of the philosophy of this phrase and usage of
{-jaj}, there is something else important to notice:

{ratlh} means "remain, stay" in the sense of being at a place. You can
tell a dog "stay". You can tell your kids to "stay at school".

The verb in "Remain Klingon" means something like "continuously-be",
which is something else.

Lieven L. Litaer
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