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I agree.  {nugh tlhegh} is an odd phrase for a writer - hired specifically to convert someone else's script for a computer game to novel form - to have added on their own, especially without explanation.  The sentence is perfectly understandable without it.  Which is why it was worth mentioning when nIqolay Q asked for other known examples.


From: Felix Malmenbeck

That being said, he was a creative consultant on the game and contributed a lot (if not all) of the tlhIngan Hol used therein; at least the introductory monologue and everything available in the language lab. So, there is a high probability that he came up with the term {nugh tlhegh}; definitely worth asking him about.

I wonder if the {nugh tlhegh} might refer to one's lineage, as during the Rite of Ascension the character takes his place in a line of warriors.

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 On 1/9/2018 11:32 AM, Steven Boozer wrote:
There is another problematic example of tlhegh known:  nugh tlhegh  (lit. "society rope") from the KCD novelization (was it used in KCD itself?):
  "Pok has yet to complete the Second Rite of Ascension. In the eyes of the
    nugh tlhegh he is still a boy."

This seems to mean received opinion  or acceptable behavior. (Compare the phrase "party line" in English.)  Someone once suggested that this actually refers to the line of six painstik-wielding warriors who form the gauntlet (i.e. the "River of Pain") a young Klingon must pass through during his/her nentay ceremony.

This line does appear in the game: https://youtu.be/mcTGRaPTNOQ?t=29m9s  The actor pronounces it something like noog kleH. It does not occur in the Language Lab, which is the canonical part of KCD.

The script of the game was not written or vetted by Okrand, and is not Okrandian canon (or even officially Star Trek canon, for that matter).



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