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(TKD 41):  The meaning of {-ta'} can also be indicated syntactically. That is, instead of using the suffix {-ta'}, a special verbal construction can follow the verb which indicates the accomplished action. This special verb is {rIn} “be finished, accomplished”, and in this usage it always takes the suffix {-taH} “continuous” ... and the third-person pronominal prefix (0). The resulting construction, {rIntaH}, literally means “it continues to be finished” or “it remains accomplished”. It is used to indicate that the action denoted by the preceding verb is a fait accompli: it is done, and it cannot be undone.
      luHoH rIntaH                              They have killed him/her.
      vIje' rIntaH                                  I have purchased it.
The English translations of {rIntaH} and {-ta'} are usually the same. The notion of absolute finality implied by {rIntaH} seldom comes across. It should be noted that {rIntaH} is sometimes used for dramatic effect even in cases when the action could be undone.

  qa'vam De' vIje' rIntaH
  I have purchased the Genesis Data.  (ST3)

  ghIq Qo'noSDaq Qap rIntaH 'e' Sov qeylIS
  Then, the time came when Kahless saw that his work on Kronos
  was done (PB)

 tlhIngan choHlu' rIntaH
  The Klingon's transition was complete. (PB, i.e. his transition to
   death after Lukara killed him)


From: SuStel

On 1/10/2018 6:41 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
I just realized, there is something I don't know with regards to the {rIntaH}..
Is it only to be used with regards to action which happened intentionally ?
I know we can say:
   {vIghro' vIje' rIntaH}
    I bought a cat
But if we say:
   {muD Dotlh bIrmo' taD rIntaH vIghro'}
     because of the cold weather the cat froze
Would it be correct ?

rIntaH works the same as -ta', except with an added connotation of finality. Intention is part of the meaning.



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