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Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Klingon word: lut mIr
Part of speech: noun
Definition: series (literature, television)
Source: Netflix press release

<<Star Trek: Discovery>> lut mIrmeyvaD tlhIngan qotlhwI'qoq 'ang NETFLIX 
Netflix Releases Klingon Trailer for "Star Trek: Discovery" Series (Netflix press release)

  "A [TV] series can be called {lut mIr}." [qepHom 2017 p.12]

  "Of course, it's literal translation is 'story chain' or 'chain of stories' (parallel to the {lupwI' mIr}, 'train' from TNK) ... Besides, it was not a message, Okrand was sitting next to me and said 'do it this way'."  [Lieven, 9/2017]

  In John Ford's novel _The Final Reflection_ (TFR) there is a Klingon video series named "Battlecruiser Vengeance", featuring the adventures of Captain Koth of the Vengeance, in conflict with alien races - such as Humans, Romulans, Kinshaya and others - and trying to capture their ships. Koth of course was always triumphant.  Each episode ended with him being asked who he was by those he had captured; he answered, "I am Captain Koth. Koth of the Vengeance. And this ship is my prize."

veb 		be next (in a series, sequence) (v)
vorgh 		be previous (v)

One occasionally sees here on the mailing list *{jIHlut} "episode, TV show" and *{jIHlut'a'} or *{jIH'a' lut} "movie,  motion picture".

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