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FWIW, Qov came up with *{mol yotlh} “graveyard” which she used twice in DSC "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not For the Lamb's Cry":

DaH QI DachennISmoH SoH'e', mol yotlhvetlh DajaHnIS 'ej Senjaw
  choHwI' bobcho' DaSuqnIS.
Now it is your turn to build, to go into that graveyard and bring back
the Shenzhou's processing unit.

'ejyo' may'mo' chenbogh mol yotlhDaq nuDechbogh Dujmey Deq DIqorta'.
We have scavenged the dead vessels floating around us in the graveyard
   left by our battle with Starfleet.


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> Would {nol} be the right noun here?  The focus of a mausoleum is less on
> the funeral ceremony itself, and more on the fact that the person is interred inside.

I had similar thoights, but could've sworn we had seen *nol qach* used somewhere. Can't seem to find that, however.

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