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> On 1/2/2018 11:41 AM, nIqolay Q wrote:
>> Given that the dominant cultural attitude towards corpses among Klingons
>> is "when I'm dead, just throw me in the trash"
> This idea has been undermined many times since it was first aired. It also
> doesn't account for the possibility that the attitude might be a modern,
> and even local, one. That is, not all Klingons, past and present,
> necessarily consider a corpse to be an useless, empty shell. I don't think
> you can draw any linguistic conclusions from it.

​I was being glib. I know that not all Klingons would necessarily have the
same beliefs as contemporary mainstream Klingons. (Insofar as
"contemporary" means anything when talking about a show set in the future.)
I got into this argument once with some friends, who complained that the
Klingons in DSC cared too much about the bodies of their fallen. The fact
that a lot of TNG and DS9 depicted "corpses are empty shells" as the
predominant Klingon belief may explain why Okrand never got around to
coming up with more vocabulary for funerary practices, though.
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