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It would be good if you sent the part about {tamghay wovHa'} rather than
{tamghay Hurgh}, if you can make it public.

On 26 January 2018 at 21:20, Lieven L. Litaer <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> Anyone who has watched Discovery might have noticed that Lorca is
> sensitive to light. In another scene, Burnham said that the light is
> different where she is. These are two different things:
> Marc Okrand wrote:
> ---begin quote------------------------------
> For this, {'otlh} "photon" would work, but even though it's scientifically
> correct (I think), it would be confusing in a Star Trek context because of
> photon torpedoes and such (and because there can be photons besides those
> in the visible light part of the electromagnetic spectrum).  You're right —
> Klingons would have a word (at least a scientific, technical term) for the
> phenomenon of light (aside from {'otlh}).
> {wovtaHghach} is one such word. Another is {tamghay} "light, luminescence,
> illumination" ("illumination" here does not mean "clarification,
> explanation, explication" or the like).
> ---end quote------------------------------
> Okrand later added:
> ---begin quote------------------------------
> You're right. They are different (and, like you, I'd use {tamghay} for the
> examples you sent), but one's eyes could be sensitive to {wovtaHghach}.
> For "the light is different," however, {wovtaHghach} isn't so good (unless
> they're talking about the intensity of the brightness or something like
> that as opposed to, say, the color).
> ---end quote------------------------------
> So when saying that Lorca is sensitive to "light", it's actually the
> {wovtaHghach} bothering him. Otherwise, he would have to live in absolute
> darkness, where there is no {tamghay}.
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