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> (and because there can be photons besides those in the visible light
> part of the electromagnetic spectrum)

I wonder if this should be taken to mean that {tamghay} normally refers only to visible light, rather than the full EM spectrum. Or perhaps it's context-dependent, like it is in English (with the everyday definition being just the visible parts while within many scientific fields it'd be the full spectrum).


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Anyone who has watched Discovery might have noticed that Lorca is
sensitive to light. In another scene, Burnham said that the light is
different where she is. These are two different things:

Marc Okrand wrote:
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For this, {'otlh} "photon" would work, but even though it's
scientifically correct (I think), it would be confusing in a Star Trek
context because of photon torpedoes and such (and because there can be
photons besides those in the visible light part of the electromagnetic
spectrum).  You're right — Klingons would have a word (at least a
scientific, technical term) for the phenomenon of light (aside from

{wovtaHghach} is one such word. Another is {tamghay} "light,
luminescence, illumination" ("illumination" here does not mean
"clarification, explanation, explication" or the like).
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Okrand later added:
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You're right. They are different (and, like you, I'd use {tamghay} for
the examples you sent), but one's eyes could be sensitive to
{wovtaHghach}.  For "the light is different," however, {wovtaHghach}
isn't so good (unless they're talking about the intensity of the
brightness or something like that as opposed to, say, the color).
---end quote------------------------------

So when saying that Lorca is sensitive to "light", it's actually the
{wovtaHghach} bothering him. Otherwise, he would have to live in
absolute darkness, where there is no {tamghay}.

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"
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