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> Am 14.01.2018 um 20:30 schrieb De'vID:
>> IIRC this came from a (deleted?) line in ST3 which matched "Genesis
>> Device" in English to {jan SeH DIvI'} in Klingon.
> According to the Klingon Wiki page, this text was written on the back of
> the DVD, but of course it was possible that it was translated for a deleted
> scene.
> NB: only in the German part of the wiki, and it was not me who found that
> out:
> http://www.klingonwiki.net/De/ST3

Marc Okrand actually translated *every* line spoken by a Klingon in the
original Star Trek III script into Klingon, but most of those translations
were not used, and some of these lines (in English) were dropped or altered
in filming. (I believe some of the original lines were preserved in the
novelisation, however.) Still, if you "back-translate" the all English
lines spoken by Klingons in that movie into Klingon, you can sort of figure
out the lip-matching origin of a few of the words in TKD (and also why some
synonyms exist - because Okrand had to match different English lip
movements to Klingon words with the same meaning).

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