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maj. I didn't know that.

However, again I would choose something like:

{tlhIngan maH, 'ej not machoH}
{tlhIngan maH, 'ej machoHQo'}
{tlhIngan maH, 'ej paghlogh machoH}
{tlhIngan maH, 'ej Hochlogh machoHQo'}

Perhaps, I would shove an {-'egh} on the {choH}, but this would depend on
the scene where this phrase was said, and to whom it was directed. But
since I have no idea with regards to the story of dsc, I can't decide on

Or, I would keep the taH, but without the {-jaj}:

{tlhIngan maH 'ej mataH}
{tlhIngan maH 'ej mataHbej}
{tlhIngan maH 'ej reH mataH}
{tlhIngan maH 'ej Hochlogh mataH}


{tlhIngan maH 'ej mataHbe'Qo'}
{tlhIngan maH 'ej reH mataHbe'Qo'}
{tlhIngan maH 'ej Hochlogh mataHbe'Qo'}

~ nI'ghma

On Jan 19, 2018 1:03 PM, "Lieven L. Litaer" <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> Before going into detail of the philosophy of this phrase and usage of
> {-jaj}, there is something else important to notice:
> {ratlh} means "remain, stay" in the sense of being at a place. You can
> tell a dog "stay". You can tell your kids to "stay at school".
> The verb in "Remain Klingon" means something like "continuously-be", which
> is something else.
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