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Fri Jan 19 02:56:07 PST 2018

I was thinking the {tlhIngan maH; taHjaj}, and I don't think that it
captures adequately the intended "feeling" of the original "remain klingon".

The english "remain klingon", doesn't express a wish; it doesn't mean to
say "may we remain klingon". It is an imperative.

You walk up to someone and say "(you) remain klingon !". Or, you talk to a
group of klingons (which includes you) and say "remain klingon".

So, why not just say {tlhIngan SoH 'ej yIratlh !} ? Or, maybe {tlhIngan maH
'ej maratlhbej !} ?

I think that the proposed methods, carry more "punch" than the wishful
{tlhIngan maH; taHjaj}.

Anyways, just my personal take on the matter, or as americans say "my two

~ nI'ghma
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