[tlhIngan Hol] Translating Mastodon

kechpaja kechpaja at comcast.net
Mon Jan 15 09:39:02 PST 2018

So I recently joined Mastodon (https://mastodon.social), a relatively
new open source social network which fills a similar niche to that of

Since the project is open source, and the number of strings involved is
still relatively small, I was thinking of starting to translate it into
Klingon. Before actually doing more than a few sentences' worth of
translation work, though, I figured I'd check in with this list, to see
if anyone is already working on that, and also to ask whether there's
any particular reason *not* to translate an open source social network
(is that something I might need official approval for?). 

I have informal confirmation from the lead maintainer of the project
that a pull request containing a Klingon translation would be accepted.


 - SapIr

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