[tlhIngan Hol] "Swifthawk" and "Cuddle Dungeon"

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Tue Jan 9 15:25:57 PST 2018

A fellow Klingon Assault Group member, Jaymz Smith of the IKV Swifthawk,
shared to our member forum this email he received from Dr. Okrand:


Jaymz —

Sorry to have been sluggish in getting back to you. I ended up doing a lot
of traveling last year (after my visit to Vulcan) — several US cities and a
couple trips to Europe (most of the traveling was related to Klingon
somehow). Things didn't calm down until after the holidays.


For "Swifthawk," I'd go with 'apuStoQ. This is a new word (mostly). The toQ
part means a particular kind of Klingon bird of prey (a bird, not a space
vessel — the Klingon Bird of Prey ship is toQDuj). The 'apuStoQ is a bird
of prey, a hawk-like bird, that flies particularly fast.

A Klingon way to say "dungeon" is wutlh pa'. This is literally "underground
room." There's no word for "cuddle," but yachchuq gets us kind of close.
The verb yach means "pet" or "stroke" (like petting a dog), and yachchuq
means "pet each other" or something like that. yachchuqmeH means "for the
purpose of petting each other." So yachchuqmeH wutlh pa' is "underground
room for petting one another" — that is, "cuddling dungeon."

If I've misunderstood what you mean by "cuddling dungeon," let me know.

In the meantime, I hope everything is going well for you, and all the best
for the New Year.

- Marc

Thank you again Marc Okrand


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