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Alan Anderson alan at kli.org
Wed Jan 3 09:38:09 PST 2018

While there might not be anything special about the number 25 to Klingons,
local Terran culture puts significance on a quarter of a century. This year
is the twenty-fifth Great Meeting, the qep'a' cha'maH vaghDIch, of the
Klingon Language Institute, taking place July 19-21, 2018. For the first
time in its history, the conference is being held in Indianapolis, the
Crossroads of America. Come join in as we celebrate this unique language
with songs, stories, study, and socializing.

If you missed the registration discount last year, don't worry. Until the
end of March, the cost is still only $45 for the three-day conference,
including a t-shirt, pizza party, and other incidental swag. Don't delay
too long, though. Our large meeting room is still finite in size. We hope
to accommodate everyone who wants to attend, but there is a definite limit
to the number of people we can accept.

For full information and the form for registering, see
If you embrace social media, the qep'a' Facebook event is at

Alan Anderson
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