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> The "bold" and "italics" refer not to Klingon, but to how definitions are
> displayed in Latin script (Klingon in bold, English translation in italics,
> like in TKD).
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> “Writing system” in general ({pIqaD} is just one of many in the
> world/galaxy) is {ghItlhmeH Ho’DoS} “system for writing.”  ({Ho’DoS} is
> “system, method, manner, technique.”  {pat} is “system” in the physical [or
> physical-like] sense, as in “computer system” [hardware or hardware and
> software together] or “transporter system” or “propulsion system.” {Ho’DoS}
> is not that.)
> For “font” or “typeface,” you can use {ngutlh tu’qom} “written character
> appearance/form/shape.”
> For “bold,” Maltz suggested {pI’} “fat.”  For “Italics,” he said
> {chongHa’} “un-vertical.”
> --- end quote ---

More on terminology for the Latin script:

--- begin quote ---
As you say, “case,” “lower case,” and “upper case” are not Klingon things,
so there’s no traditional Klingon jargon for this. Maltz said to just use
“big” and “small”: {ngutlh tIn}, {ngutlh mach}.  For “ignore case,” perhaps
{ngutlh Sar buSHa’} “ignore written-character variety” or {potlhbe’ ngutlh
Sar} “written-character variety isn’t important.”
--- end quote ---

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