[tlhIngan Hol] Translation help for iOS Keyboard (was: info from Maltz: font/typeface)

Daniel Dadap daniel at dadap.net
Sat Feb 17 06:04:49 PST 2018

This is timely. I was about to ask for some translation help with a pIqaD input method I’m putting together for iOS. (I know one already exists, but it’s $0.99 and I thought a free one would lower the barrier of entry to pIqaD usage.) I mentioned this keyboard on the list, which I have available for beta testing if anyone’s interested - nobody has bitten yet, but I’ve at least gotten it to the point where I’m pretty happy with it functionality-wise, and plan to put it up on the App Store soon.

I had been translating “font” as just “pIqaDmey” (since I’m referring to a pIqaD font specifically), but have now changed it to “pIqaD ngutlh tu’qom”.

If anybody on the list has a few moments to review the translation choices I’ve made and steer me on a better course where needed (I felt like Uhura, Chekov, and Scotty in TUC attempting to choose labels for things), it would be much appreciated:

When no pIqaD font is installed, the message “pIqaD ngutlh tu’qom vItu’be’” appears, along with a button labeled “yIjom” which takes the user to a page to assist in font installation. (The text on that page is in English; I didn’t bother attempting to translate it, but if anybody cares to, it’s at https://dadap.github.io/pIqaD-tools/input-methods/iOS/install-font <https://dadap.github.io/pIqaD-tools/input-methods/iOS/install-font> )

If a pIqaD font is installed, the above text and button are replaced with “maj. pIqaD ngutlh tu’qom vItu’pu’.” (in pIqaD)

When the keyboard has not yet been configured, the following instructions appear (in Latinized Klingon if no pIqaD font is installed, and in pIqaD if a pIqaD font is installed):

> Qagh! pIqaD SeHlaw vItu'be'. pIqaD SeHlaw yIcher!
> 1. “Settings” SeHlawDaq “General:Keyboard:Keyboards” buv yI'el.
> 2. “Add New Keyboard…” DuH yIwIv.
> 3. “Third-Party Keyboards”Daq “ipIqaD” yIchel.
> Qapla'.

On the keyboard itself, I’ve translated the space bar as “chImmoH”, the enter key as “ruch”, and the key to switch keyboards as “tam”.

I’ve also selected the Unicode “ERASE TO THE LEFT” character U+232B to label the backspace key, but if anybody knows of any symbol (even if it’s not part of any font) that would be more culturally Klingon to indicate this, please let me know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

> On Feb 17, 2018, at 00:34, De'vID <de.vid.jonpin at gmail.com> wrote:
> The "bold" and "italics" refer not to Klingon, but to how definitions are displayed in Latin script (Klingon in bold, English translation in italics, like in TKD).
> --- begin quote ---
> “Writing system” in general ({pIqaD} is just one of many in the world/galaxy) is {ghItlhmeH Ho’DoS} “system for writing.”  ({Ho’DoS} is “system, method, manner, technique.”  {pat} is “system” in the physical [or physical-like] sense, as in “computer system” [hardware or hardware and software together] or “transporter system” or “propulsion system.” {Ho’DoS} is not that.)
> For “font” or “typeface,” you can use {ngutlh tu’qom} “written character appearance/form/shape.”
> For “bold,” Maltz suggested {pI’} “fat.”  For “Italics,” he said {chongHa’} “un-vertical.”
> --- end quote ---
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> De'vID
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