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Mon Feb 12 06:46:57 PST 2018

Klingon word: loy'
Part of speech: verb
Definition: have personality, be charismatic, be charming
Source: qepHom 2017

(MO > Lieven, 11/20/2017):   The English word "personality" can have two meanings: (1) qualities or traits that form a person's character (as in "That TV host has a friendly personality") or (2) qualities that make a person popular, charm, charisma (as in "The host has a lot of personality"). The noun {DI'on} works for the first meaning, it means "characteristic" or "trait", and could be used if a person is a grouch ("He has a bad personality").  Meaning (2) always refers to positive personal characteristics. To describe this "personality" that's an asset along with physical strength and intelligence, use {loy'}. This verb means something like "have personality, be charismatic, be charming." 

Only used so far by Lieven in his non-canon Klingon subtitles (I don't know which Discovery episode):

potlhbe' loy'wI'. 
Personality doesn't matter. (DSC [episode?]) 

roD 'oH jatlh loy'be'bogh nuv.  
That's just something people with no personality say (DSC [episode?])

SoH qaqelbe'bej. bIloy'qu' SoH! 
Which in no way means you! You absolutely have a personality! (DSC [episode?])

When Tilly says that she more than makes up for her athletic shortcomings with her intelligence and personality, the subtitles end in {jIval 'ej jIloy'}. (DSC [episode?])

See also the idiom {vaj Duj chIj} "have strength of character" from KGT.

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