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> Maltz has revealed some words which I don't want to keep secret from you
> any longer. I'm sending them in individual messages to keep the subject
> line separated.
> ---begin quote------------
> Perhaps the verb {patlh} "be ranked, have a status, be graded" will work.
> The form {patlhmoH} would mean "rank, assign status, sort" and also
> "compare."  When used with the "compare" meaning, of course, the object of
> the verb is always plural.  The implication that if two (or more) things
> are ranked or sorted, they're ranked in comparison to one another.
> ---end quote------------

I have also received some information from Maltz about sorting, related to
features in development for {boQwI'}.

--- begin quote ---
“Be sorted” is {patlh}, which also means “have a rank of.” So “sort” is
{patlhmoH}, also meaning “rank.”  The object of {patlhmoH} is not a list
(as a whole) but the things in the list, the things to be ranked or sorted.

{Sal} and {ghIr} cannot be used for sort order.

To sort a list of English words alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically),
use constructions like {wa’DIch a, HochDIch z} or {wa’DIch z, HochDIch a}.

For a list of Klingon words, it would be {wa’DIch bay, HochDIch qaghwI’},
{wa’DIch qaghwI’, HochDIch bay}.

You’d use similar constructions to sort by date or whatever. I’m assuming
that, for your purposes, you wouldn’t sort by anything other than something
that can be put in a specific order – that is, not sorting by color, for
example (maybe not such a good example, but I think you know what I mean).
--- end quote ---

And to the question of whether *{yoymoH} could be used for reversing a
list, he replied:

--- begin quote ---
No. Use {DopmoH} "cause to be opposite."
--- end quote ---

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