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> 'oqranD:
> > {QIl} v. "be desperate", as when there's no way out, they have
> > nothing to lose.
> Is there any other kind of desperate ? I'm asking since english is not my
> native language, in case I'm missing something with regards to the meaning
> of "desperate".

Yes. It could mean that someone really desires something. "He was desperate
for a cigarette" or "She was desperate for a cup of water". It can also
mean someone is dangerous, "Police advise people to not approach the
desperate criminal."

I believe {QIl} is more for {nab QIl lunID tlhInganpu'} - "The Klingons try
the desperate plan" (it's a do-or-die plan, most will die from it, but it's
the only plan that will work).

Could {QIl} be a pun for "kill" since that's what tends to happen to people
who do desperate plans? :D

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