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> 'ej chaq, *extended canon* mu' vIlo'ta'mo', jIHeghDI', Suto'vo'qorvo'
> mughIm qeylIS..
> chaq not yo' qIj vImuvlaH, 'ej wa' meqmo' neH Sanvam vISIQ.. *extended
> canon* mu' vIlo'ta'mo' !

​*chaq teH... 'a vIHon.*

Many of the entries that boQwI' lists as "extended canon" are names of
weapons, devices, animals, plants, foods, and so on. In other words,
they're basically just transliterations of the names of specific aspects of
Klingon culture which were already invented for a TV episode or novel.
Using an unofficial transliteration of a name may cause a small argument,
but it's probably not going to keep you out of Sto-Vo-Kor. People used
*QISmaS* "Christmas" for ages before Maltz signed off on it as an official
transliteration of the holiday; I'm not sure using *ghIlo'meH* for
"glommer" is a more significant sin. (It does help if you explain what a
"glommer" is, just in case some people are not totally familiar with
esoteric Klingon lore.)

Extended canon that's *not* just a transliteration should probably be
avoided until further notice.
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