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Indeed. Here is an attempt to transcribe the language note for *ghob'etlh* (via http://klingonska.org/canon/1996-04-kcd.txt ):

"A gutting device used in balance with a shield when practicing the Klingon
warrior fighting style of *qIjatlh (or *qIjat). One of three weapons
traditionally displayed on the {nuH bey'}."

To see what it looks like, go here:


 ... and click on {nuH bey'}. It's the small weapon at the top of the display.

Other words from Star Trek: Klingon that we don't quite know the spellings of include the dessert dish *vellka* and the *jebQa'* robes.


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A little bird told me, that {ghob'etlh} is a word spoken on KCD.

Because it has only been spoken (according to the little bird), its exact spelling is unknown. Perhaps it is Qob'etlh, perhaps it is ghab'etlh.

~ nI'ghma
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