[tlhIngan Hol] Maltz about terraforming

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== baS *ghe'tej* bI'reS ==

*ghe'QeD*. Hap Qur yajmeH 'ej ngoSmeH 'ej ghe'moHmeH QeD 'oH. vabDot ngIDvoSvaD qol'om mojmoHlaH *ghe'tej* po'.
'ach QeDna' 'oHmo' *ghe'QeD*'e', chutmey but pabchu': vay' chenmoHmeH *ghe'tej*, qav'ap nIb ghajbogh vay''e' weSnIS. qav'ap nIb chut'a' 'oH.

'ach qaStaHvIS ramvetlh, ngoD wIghoj: 'op Dolmey qav'apmey ngaSbe' yutlhegh motlh.

QeD chutmey DISov jIH loDnI'wI' je. qav'ap nIb chut'a' wISov 'ej vay' wISuqmeH latlh wIpolHa' net poQ 'e' wISov. 'ach pagh wIQejbogh wIghaj 'e' wIHar. mamuj.

[An attempt to translate a quote from the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist:

http://animetranscripts.wikispaces.com/Fullmetal+alchemist+%3E01.+Those+Who+Challenge+the+Sun ]

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This didn't comne through the first time, so here we go again. Don't
know what happened.

Maltz has revealed some words which I don't want to keep secret from you
any longer. I'm sending them in individual messages to keep the subject
line separated.

---begin quote------------

The Klingon verb {ghe'} is the one most likely to be involved here.  It
means "be transformed, transmuted, metamorphosed, totally altered." In
context, if someone said {maS Daghe'moH'a'?} (literally "Are you
transforming a moon?"), this would be understood to mean "Are you
terraforming a moon?"  If context isn't clear, then there'd have to be
more verbiage: {tera' chu' DachenmoHmeH, maS Daghe'moH'a'?} "In order to
create a new Earth, are you transforming a moon?") or {maSDaq yInmeH
Humanpu', 'oH Daghe'moH'a'?} "In order that Humans live [be alive] on
the moon, are you transforming it?" or {yInvaD maS Daghe'moH'a'?} "Are
you transforming a moon to benefit life?" (clunky translation).

I assume that the word "field" in "terraforming field" refers to a
energy field of some sort that causing the terraforming to happen (and
not to a plot of land that's undergoing terraforming).  If so, the
shortcut way to refer to that field would be {ghe'chem}; a longer way
would be {ghe'moHbogh HoSchem}.  But, as above, if context is lacking,
there'd have to be some additional stuff to make the nature of the
transformation clear.

---end quote------------

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"
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