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> Regarding the verb "compare", I (Lieven) asked whether this
> would work:
> {A-mey patlhmoH C}

Is there something missing from your post ? Before this point, where does
'oqranD make reference of a verb {patlh} ?

~ nI'ghma

On Feb 6, 2018 12:14 PM, "Lieven L. Litaer" <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> For the Klingon subtitles in episode 114, Marc Okrand could get Maltz to
> talk again, and revealed the following words. All of the following are
> direct quotes of Okrand:
> {QIl} v. "be desperate", as when there's no way out, they have nothing to
> lose. This includes ideas like "last-ditch, do-or-die, hopeless, doomed."
> {maleSya'} n. Malaysia
> Think of {rang} as "be responsible for."  As I mentioned, it takes an
> object ({ngoy'} does not).  {rang} cannot be used as an adjective.
> -------
> Using {qaw} "remember" seems to work in your example of {Dochmey qawbogh}
> "things he remembers/remembered."
> But I agree — it's a little awkward. And what one remembers should
> probably be described as something better or descriptive than simply
> "things."
> We've got {qawHaq} "memory banks." Maltz didn't know what {Haq} in this
> word was. (He said it has nothing to do with surgery — that's just a
> coincidence.)  But {qaw}, he said, is a perfectly fine noun meaning
> "memory" in the sense of the ability to remember or the power of recall.
> It does not refer to specific memories or recollections. That's a different
> word: {wov'on}.
> It's more common to hear {wov'on qaw} "he/she remembers a memory" than
> {wov'on ghaj} "he/she has a memory," though the colloquial (English)
> translation of the former would be "he/she has a memory."  Someone who
> remembers a lot of stuff or who can easily remember things (like dates or
> lines of a play) may be said to have a {qaw pov} "excellent memory."
> -------
> Regarding the verb "compare", I (Lieven) asked whether this would work:
> {A-mey patlhmoH C} "C sorts his A" (for instance, his socks)
> Okrand said:
> -------
> In general, yes.  I suppose you could say this if A means "socks," but
> that would imply that the person doing the sorting likes or values some
> socks more than some others.
> -------
> (so it wouldn't be used to clean your room. It's still about ranking.)
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