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Thu Feb 1 08:50:24 PST 2018

On 2/1/2018 11:47 AM, demonchaux.aurelie wrote:
> Thank you Lieven for sharing the new words :)
> I'd like to ask one quick question though:
> [ngoy'] is also listed as meaning "be responsible" and the boQwI' 
> gives us an example from TKW p155
> vangDI' tlhIngan SuvwI' ngoy' qorDu'Daj, vangDI' qorDu'Daj ngoy' 
> tlhIngan SuvwI'
> What's the difference between [rang] and [ngoy'] in meaning and usage?
> Thanks in advance!
> ghItlhjaj

I'm going to guess the difference is in the object it can use. You can 
say *Duj rang HoD* but not **Duj ngoy' HoD,* though you can say *Duj 
rang HoD; ngoy' HoD.* But then, you can also say just *rang HoD.* I 
wonder if Okrand forgot we had *ngoy'.*


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