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Sun Feb 25 13:21:35 PST 2018

These aren't new words, but I thought people might be interested in Maltz's
suggestions on how existing words might be used.

To my suggestion that the "random" button (which brings up a random entry)
might be labeled {SuD}.

--- begin quote ---
Yes. Use {SuD}.
--- end quote ---

One of the features in {boQwI'} is qurgh's Klingon Word Of The Day, which
schedules a download daily from the KAG server when the app is online. This
led to the following three comments:

--- begin quote ---
For “feature,” is there any reason not to use {laH} “ability”?
--- end quote ---

--- begin quote ---
When a computer (computer system) is “online,” it’s said to be “sharing,”
so make use of {lIn}.  (“Offline,” then, would make use of {lInHa’}.)
--- end quote ---

--- begin quote ---
“Schedule” in this sense is the same as “plan,” so make use of {nab}.
--- end quote ---

There's actually just s slight bit more, but as it's an ongoing discussion
the words aren't finalised so I'll hold off on the parts that Maltz are
unsure about for now. (I agreed with Maltz that {laH} expresses what I
wanted with "feature", which is why I thought it's okay to release it even
though what he wrote was phrased as a question.)

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