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For signing up, and logging in and out of an account:

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For the Netflix stuff connected with “Discovery,” the word {mab}
“agreement, treaty, contract” was used for “account,” so I’d stick with

It follows that “register for” or “sign up for” (an account) would be {qI’}
“sign [a treaty].”  So “register for an account” is {mab qI’}.

Maltz says “sign/log in” is {ngaQHa’moH} (and “sign out” is {ngaQmoH}).
People say {mab ngaQmoH} and so on, but this is a special formation,
special argot, frozen form.  Maltz said he thinks this may have been
shortened from an earlier way to say it, something like {mab Hung lojmIt

To “sign up” for an event is something else. That would be {jeS ’e’ Sap}
“volunteer to participate” (even if the signing up isn’t all that
voluntary).  You’d say the same thing for signing up for something in
advance and for deciding on the spot to participate in an event that’s
ongoing or about to start.
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For an "[account, etc.] already exists" message:

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For an account, you can use the account terminology: {mab(vam) qI’lu’ta’}.
--- end quote ---

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