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Hello tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu :)
I was wondering something about rovers: 
can -Qo’ be followed by -be’ and/or -qu’? (Not -Ha’ obviously)
Rovers [...] do not have a fixed position in relation to the other suffixes following a verb but, instead, can come just about anywhere except following a type 9 suffix. Their position is determined by the meaning intended (TKD 4.3)Unlike -be’ the position of -Qo’ does not change: it occurs last, unless followed by a type 9 suffix. (TKD 4.3.) 
Does the 2nd statement intend to exclude just the type 1 to 8 suffixes from following -Qo’, or does it also ban other rovers (-be’ and -qu’) from coming after --Qo’?
Because it could be interesting, if it is allowed, to express various degrees of refusal through it:
leghQo’ : he refuses to see him
(?) leghQo’qu' : he *absolutely* refuses to see him
(?) leghQo’be’ : he does not refuse to see him
(?) leghQo’be’qu’ : he really does not refuse to see him (perhaps it means he is eager to see him, and for this meaning we could use leghqangqu’)
(?) leghQo’qu’be’ : he does not refuse categorically to see him
Has this already been discussed somewhere else?
What do you think?

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