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Fri Feb 9 11:37:03 PST 2018

There is a problem I've been having, which I don't know how to overcome.

If I want to write a story in english, a story written in irrealis (if
that's how we say it), then I can write:

"If I was a giant, and I was living in a castle above the clouds, I would
be happy. And if my kingdom had many soft and furry cats.."

In klingon, in order to write something as the above, we have the {net

However, (and here is my problem), if I want to write an entire story in
irrealis, then what do I do ? Do I place the {net jalchugh} after each and
every sentence ?

In the above example would I need to write {I am a giant net jalchugh, and
I live in a castle above the clouds net jalchugh, I am happy net
jalchugh..} ?

Wouldn't this make the reader "tired", reading the {net jalchugh} after
each and every sentence ?

Is there any other way of approaching this ?

~ nI'ghma
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