[tlhIngan Hol] who translated the Klingon for "The Left Hand of Destiny"?

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Thu Feb 8 15:26:58 PST 2018

The word {retlaw} reminded me of the Emperor Reclaw, so I wanted to look up
if the name had ever been printed in the original Klingon. I discovered
that the novel "The Left Hand of Destiny" contains the following text:

SuvwI''a' ghaH reQlaw'e'
(For Reclaw was a mighty warrior,)
qu' qabDaj; jev 'e' rur
(Terrible as thunder,)
nom vIHchu'; Hov tIH rur
(Swift as starlight,)
jupDajvaD yoHbej ghaH
(Stalwart to his friends)
jaghDajvaD Heghna' ghaH
(And DEATH to his enemies...)

https://goo.gl/eGZ5M9 [link to original text on Google Play Books]

The original text apparently has a few typos, which are fixed in the copy
on Memory Beta.

In any case, this is reasonably good Klingon. Any idea who was responsible
for this?

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