[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: nav

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Wed Dec 12 07:54:44 PST 2018

Klingon word: nav
Part of speech: noun
Definition: paper, sheet of paper
Source: TKD 

  Quj wa'DIch MONOPOLY Huch nav qa' tlhIngan QaS 
  Klingon forces replace original MONOPOLY bills. (MKE)

  DI'raq Dacha'meH nav yIDIj 
  Draw a sheep on the paper!" [Lieven < MO, 9/03/2018]

  DI'raq DanarghmoHmeH nav yIDIj 
  Draw a sheep on the paper!" [Lieven < MO, 9/03/2018]

(Lieven, 10/29/2015 < qepHom 2015):  You would not say {nav wej} for page three, unless you're talking about three separate sheets of paper. A "page" (like the page in a book, that you can number) is a {tenwal}. Maltz also wanted me to point out that {tenwal} ("page") is used only for numbered pages in a book or something similar. One side of a piece of paper is a {Dop}, so a piece of paper has two {Dopmey}. Usually, there is one {tenwal} per {Dop}, but page numbering can get confusing sometimes.

(qepHom 2015 p.18):  A stapler is a {Ha'on vevwI'}. The staple, the little metal thing, is called {baS Ha'on} or just {Ha'on}. The verb {vev} means "insert, put in", so the stapler is literally a device that "puts in" the staple ({Ha'on}) into the paper.

(Okrand to Lieven, 11/20/2009):  "But [Maltz] did know the word for plan (the big piece of paper). He said it's {pu'jIn} -- same as the word for map.


  Worf gave a bound paper copy of "The Dream of the Fire" (a famous Klingon novel by K'ratak) to Data as a going-away present. (TNG "Measure of a Man")

  Qua'lon gave Pok a leather-bound paper (?) copy of the score to {qul tuq} ("House of Fire", a popular Klingon opera telling the tale of the House of SepIch) as his {cha'nob} gift. (KCD)

Huch nav 		bill (i.e. currency) (n)
nav HablI'  		FAX (machine) (n)
nav qatwI'  		envelope (n) 
nav QIn  		letter (i.e. message) (n)
nav vaH  		envelope (n)

mavjop 		paper clip (n)
ghItlh 			manuscript (n)
De' chu' ghItlh 		newspaper (n)
Qoyje' 			certificate (n)
po'oH 			corner of a piece of paper (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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