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Klingon word: yeq
Part of speech: verb
Definition: cooperate
Source: TKD:E-K

nItebHa' molor HI''a' 
   SuvvIpghach puj je 
   HarghmeH yeq chaH 
United to do battle together! 
   Against the tyrant Molor! 
   Against fear and against weakness! {PB)

(KGT 159):  The slang term [{qang}] may be found in such sentences as {jIHDaq Daqang} ("You always agree with me, you always cooperate with me"; literally, "You pour [something] into me").  To say that someone pours (always agrees) is somewhat derogatory, implying that the agreeing or cooperating may be for ulterior motives. 
Nonslang equivalents of {qang}, though lacking the negative connotation, are {reH Qochbe'} (always agree), {reH yeq) (always cooperate), and {reH jIj} (always be cooperative).

yeqchuqchu'taHghach  		unity (n) PB

lujang meQboghnom 'oH yeqchuqchu'taHghach Daw' je joqwI' 
They reply it is the {meQboghnom}, the banner of unity and revolution. (PB)

jIj 				be cooperative (v)

ngoQvam luchavmeH ghawran maghpu' be'nI'pu'. woQ luSuqmeH jIjpu' chaH
  romuluSngan'e' je. 
To this end, the sisters have acted against Gowron, going as far as to work with
  Romulan factions in order to gain power. S26

{jIj} shows up in the names of government/state organizations: 

yuQjIjDIvI'			United Federation of Planets (TKD)
yuQjIjQa' 			United Federation of Planets (TKD)
'amerI'qa' SepjIjQa' 		United States of America (TNK)
tuqjIjQa' 			United Kingdom (TNK)

*{Qa'} [union (political)?] is another such element, also appearing in {qarDaSQa'}  Cardassian Union (MKE).

tay' 				be together, be united (v)
HeQ 				comply (v)
ghIb 				consent (v)
lob 				obey (v)
'om 				resist (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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