[tlhIngan Hol] {neH} with SAO and indefinite subject

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There is one additional example, but it's from paq'batlh, which i) is poetry*, ii) is adapted from an older form of the language* and iii) contains quite a lot of irregularities**.

Doy'choH cha' porgh

'oy' cha' porgh

'ach Hat'chu' 'e' luneH neH tIqDu'Daj

(paq'batlh, paq'raD, Canto 23, Stanza 7)

* For the most part, though, the book is grammatically correct by "modern" tlhIngan Hol standards, or tries to be, so I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. It is handy to keep in mind in case one wants to retcon out mistakes, though.

** This is probably the bigger concern. There was a lot of text, and the proof-readers only had a very limited time to look at it.


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On 12/8/2018 1:42 PM, Daniel Dadap wrote:

(The sole known exception is not a good data point, as it involves one Klingon using another Klingon's sentence as the first sentence in a sentence-as-object construction. It may be that in such a case not having something there is too much. We don't know how this exception works, so it's dangerous to base our understanding on it.

Out of curiosity, do you mind quoting that exception?

In Star Trek VI, one of the military officers says something, then Azetbur says 'e' neHbe' vavoy That isn't what my father wanted, literally, Daddy didn't want that.

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