[tlhIngan Hol] {neH} with SAO and indefinite subject

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Sat Dec 8 10:28:36 PST 2018

On 12/8/2018 1:13 PM, Daniel Dadap wrote:
> Before I ask my main question, I wanted to confirm my understanding of something:
> My understanding of the behavior of {neH} with a sentence as object has always been that there is an implicit {'e'} in there, and it isn’t wrong to make it explicit. For example, to say “they want the children to read those books”, one would typically say:
> {paqmeyvetlh laD puqpu' luneH}
> But it wouldn’t be wrong to say:
> {paqmeyvetlh laD puqpu' 'e' luneH}
> Is my understanding accurate? Or does {neH} really not take the pronoun {'e'} as an object, not even invisibly? Or do we just not know enough to be certain one way or another?

The rules say "when the verb of the second sentence is neH want, neither 
*'e'* nor *net* is used," not that the pronoun is invisible or implicit. 
We're not given a great deal of theory behind how it works, so it's 
possible there's something more complex going on, but until we have 
information to the contrary, you should assume it is what it says it is. 
Adding *'e'* or *net* would be wrong.

(The sole known exception is not a good data point, as it involves one 
Klingon using another Klingon's sentence as the first sentence in a 
sentence-as-object construction. It may be that in such a case not 
having /something/ there is too much. We don't know how this exception 
works, so it's dangerous to base our understanding on it.

> Regardless of the answer to the above, I was thinking recently about {neH} with SAO and an indefinite subject. Which of these is the right way to say “it is wanted that the children read those books”?
> {paqmeyvetlh laD puqpu' net neH}
> {paqmeyvetlh laD puqpu' neHlu'}
> {paqmeyvetlh laD puqpu' 'e' neHlu'}

The second one. *paqmeyvetlh laD puqpu' neHlu'*/One wants the children 
to read those books./



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