[tlhIngan Hol] {Sep}ngan vs {Sep} loD

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Sat Dec 29 07:21:24 PST 2018

In order to say that someone is a cardassian, we use the suffix {-ngan},
which means inhabitant:

{qarDaS} + {-ngan} = qarDaSngan = inhabitant of cardassia.

The problem though is, that a cardassian, i.e. someone of the cardassian
race, isn't just an "inhabitant" of cardassia. He *is* in a way a *part* of
his homeworld, i.e. he feels his homeworld being a part of himself.

If he moved to kronos, and stayed there forever, perhaps he would become an
inhabitant of kronos, but he wouldn't identify himself as a klingon.

And of course, he wouldn't fight (let alone die) for kronos, something
which he would certainly do for cardassia.

So, I can't understand, how in order to say "he is cardassian", it is
sufficient to say {qarDaSngan ghaH} i.e. "he's an inhabitant of cardassia".

Why not say instead {qarDaS loD ghaH} i.e. "he is a man of cardassia" ? Or
maybe even {qarDaS Segh loD ghaH} i.e. "he is a man of the cardassian race"
? Or {qarDaS mut loD ghaH} i.e. "he is a man of the cardassian species" ?

I just think that being from somewhere, means way more than just that you
inhabit this place.

~ mayqel *I love maltz* qunen'oS
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