[tlhIngan Hol] jIbogh vs jIboghpu' and a pizza

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> Suppose I write: {loSmaH wa' ben jIboghpu'} for "I am 41 years old".
> Literally though, the klingon goes "41 years ago I have been born"
> i.e. 41 years ago my "being born" has been completed.
> Lets forget this for the moment..
> If I write {wa'Hu' pItSa' vISoppu'}, this means that "one day ago my
> eating the pizza has been completed". But I could have eaten this
> pizza many days ago, and yesterday is just another day during which my
> eating of the pizza continues to be completed.

I remember someone asked Okrand about something similar to this, and he
replied that using {-pu'} with a time-stamp adverbial implies that the
completion occured at the time of the time stamp. Sadly, I am having
trouble finding the exact canon for this at the moment.
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