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Klingon word: lopno'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: party - probably an event or persons celebrating the event
Source: KGT (218 KE, 237 EK)

The only known example of a {lopno'} is the one in KCD/STK held to celebrate Pok's {nentay} and it is full of references to family traditions and ancestry.  The family's {no' DIr} "ancestor hanging" is displayed on the wall.  The KCD Language Lab gives the meaning as "party" with no additional information and shows a group of Klingons gathered around a table with food and {cha'nob} gifts. 

However, in the KCD Immersion Studies - i.e. the interactive story -  Vok says, "The celebration was declared a {lopno'}.  You have invited all the spirits of our Klingon ancestors."  It is an "open house" celebration held on the eve of a young Klingon's {nentay}, hosted by the father of the {lopwI'}.  "Open house" means any Klingon warrior is welcome and no harm can come to them, even if they are enemies, while in your home.  The mother's duty is to welcome the guests, who bring {cha'nob} gifts.  You have the choice of honoring the guest by accepting his gift or... not! 

This scene is also described in the KCD novelization.  Vok, an enemy of the House of SepIch (i.e. young Pok's clan), arrives unexpectedly (p.23f. spelling uncorrected):

       Then speaking to Pok, but looking directly into Vok's face, [K'Tar (Pok's mother)]
    said, "Throw this {veQ} out."
       Pok stood and moved toward Vok, reaching for the unwanted guest.
       "{bIyem'a'!}" Vok said. 
       Pok stopped short of grabbing Vok...
       "The celebration," Vok said, "was declared a *lop'no*. You have invited the spirits of
    all our Klingon ancestors. Tradition dictates that all are welcome to the *lop 'no*. Even
    ancient rivals. Even me, K'Tar."
       "{Chut Quj}," K'Tar said.
       "{Luq ratlh}," Pok said, almost spitting his words at Vok. 

(SuStel):  such a celebration may or may not be declared a {lopno'} (otherwise, why would Vok have to point that out to K'Tar?).  Perhaps Pok's {nentay} could have remained a private matter, for the House of Sepich only. Then it would not be called a {lopno'}.  However, I doubt the honor would have been as great, given that Torghn wanted to show off his son, whose hunting skills were so renowned.  Besides, I'm sure a little strife is welcome at all Klingon ceremonies...

(NFML at aol.com):  I think {lopno'} may have an emic significance of "celebration of ancestors" and be a specific type of party held in conjunction with the {nentay} and possibly with other rites of passage.  I think it might not make sense to talk about a Christmas {lopno'} or an informal dinner {lopno'}.

lop  		celebration (n)
lop  		observe,  celebrate (a ritual) (v)
lopwI'  		initiate [into the {nentay}] (n)
cha'nob  	ritual gifts (given at a {lopno'}) (n)
nentay  	Rite of Ascension (n)

yupma' 	festival (n)
qoS 		birthday (n)
'uQ'a' 		banquet, feast (n)

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