[tlhIngan Hol] Does the {'e' qa'} express a preference ?

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> On 12/10/2018 1:14 PM, nIqolay Q wrote:
> Or perhaps even
> *vIghojmeH tlhIngan Hol qaq law' vulqangan Hol qaq puS.*
> *In order that I learn it, Klingon is preferable to Vulcan.*
> Klingon does not have a purpose of being preferable so that you learn it.
We already know that *-meH* clauses can be interpreted as "for the purpose
of", especially with stative verbs.

*Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam "*For the purpose of someone dying, today is good,"
not "Someone dying is the purpose of today being good."

*tlhutlhmeH HIq ngeb qaq law' bIQ qaq puS* "For the purposes of drinking,
fake ale is preferable to water", not "Drinking is the purpose of fake ale
being preferable to water."

and thus

*vIghojmeH tlhIngan Hol qaq law' vulqangan Hol qaq puS* "For the purposes
of my learning, Klingon is preferable to Vulcan."
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