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> Isn’t it just as likely that Maltz is lying to Okrand? If tear ducts are a
> sensitive topic of conversation for Klingons, denying their existence could
> be a manifestation of his anatomical shyness.

My personal explanation for this phenomenon:

Klingons do cry tears, though less often than humans. The enlightened
members of the Federation observed that Klingons didn't display tears
during times of emotion, and somehow got it into their heads that Klingons
have no tear ducts. Klingons heard about this Federation stereotype, and
thought it was very funny that humans would believe this. So Maltz was just
playing along with the gag when Okrand asked him about tears all those
years ago, as if he was seeing how long the Federation would continue
believing something so silly. Afterwards, he probably laughed about it
until he cried. (Klingon humor is sometimes difficult to understand, after

Wild speculation, of course.
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