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Klingon Word of the Day for Friday, August 10, 2018

Klingon word: yIntagh
Part of speech: noun
Definition: life-support system

AFAIK never used in a sentence.

   {toplIn} (topaline) is a rare mineral needed by both the Empire and the Federation for colonial life-support systems. (TOS "Friday's Child")

   Pergium is a another mineral used on many planets as a source of power for life-support systems; found in abundance on Janus VI, it is extracted by the Federation mining colony there. (TOS "The Devil in the Dark") 

   Mudd's World was K-Type: adaptable for humans by use of pressure domes and life-support systems; it had a yellowish atmosphere, no visible surface water and planetary rings. (TOS "I, Mudd") 

   Starfleet space suits are equipped with life-support units containing approximately a 3-hour supply of oxygen. (TOS "The Tholian Web") 

   The Scalosian cryogenic suspended animation device was attached to the Enterprise's life support system. The room was referred to as the "Life Support Center" in dialog, but the sign on the door read "Environmental Engineering". (TOS "Wink of an Eye") 

   Spock's body had to be placed on complete life-support after Kara surgically removed his brain in 2268. (TOS "Spock's Brain")

N.B. {yIntagh} is also  a Klingon curse:

KCD:  "This is one of a number of Klingon curses that doesn't have an adequate translation." 

   "I wonder if young Klingon children don't titter when they hear talk about life-support systems after learning this curse, the way English-speaking children of a certain age do when they hear the English word which can refer to a small cat or a weakling or coward." (De'vID, 7/24/12)

   Gowron is about to be installed as the head of High Council, but at the last moment a challenger appears:  Toral, very young, claiming to be the son of Duras, followed by Lursa and B'Etor.  Gowron is not pleased.  "This is outrageous! Duras had no mate.  Where did you find him, Lursa?  In a harlot's bed chamber?"  Toral steps forward: "I will personally cut your tongue out, {yIntagh}!"  Gowron responds, "Impudent wretch." (TNG "Redemption I")

   "What kind of a {yIntagh} bar is this?" (KCD novelization)

   "... a tornado came, one that was far stronger than our {yIntagh} of a governor said it would be." (DeCandido, _Klingon Empire: A Burning House_)

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