[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: DaHjaj gheD

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Thu Aug 2 08:56:10 PDT 2018

Klingon word: DaHjaj gheD
Part of speech: noun
Definition: dish in a restaurant, (catch of the day?
Source: KGT

(KGT 83f):  The term for food of any kind (including beverages) is {Soj}. An individual dish or course is called a {nay'}, and a full meal usually consists of four or five {nay'mey} (dishes), though a non-Klingon might prefer to start with one or two. 

(KGT 100ff.):  In some restaurants, the menu ({HIDjolev}) is posted (seldom are individual copies available), but in most, the patrons know the regular fare and ask about specials, including the {DaHjaj gheD} (literally, "today's prey"), a dish whose components depend on what animals the restaurant's hunters were able to bring in.

(st.klingon 6/1997):  {DaHjaj} also behaves as a noun (as opposed to an adverbial element) in such noun-noun constructions as {DaHjaj gheD} "today prey" or "today's prey", a term often heard in Klingon restaurants with a meaning comparable to "catch of the day".

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