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Thank you very much qurgh :) 

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Yes, the KLI plans to sell copies of both the paperback and hardback through our store. 
I'm working on getting them added in the next few days.  

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chong! paqvam vIje' vIneHchu'!'ach... vIraSDaq paq ngeHQo' ngevwI'chay' vIje'laH ?
Awesome! I would totally love to buy it! Except, Amazon says it doesn't ship to France :( 
Is there another way I could buy it?
Is the KLI planning to distribute it through their online shop, as they have done before for other Klingon books?

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'op ben "Art of War" qonta'bogh Sun Tzu vImugh. tlhIngan Hol, DIvI' Hol je vIlo'. DaH AmazonDaq paqwIj ngevlu'. Hardback chovnatlh neH tu'lu'. tugh paperback chovnatlh



SKI The hardback version of my Klingon (and English) translation of Sun Tzu’s Art of War is now for sale on Amazon. The paperback version should be available soon.


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