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> > I do remember though that in some of his messages, he explicetely stated
> > when a word needs a space or not. I'd like to collect those, so I
> > wondered if anyone else has ever asked and received an answer for a word
> > needing a space?
> One that comes to mind is «wabDo» ("Mach") and «wab Do» ("speed of sound")
> from qepHom'a' 2016 (first used in the Smithsonian thing).
> "As a spelling convention, {wab Do} "speed of sound" is written as two
> words. When used as a measurement term ("Mach"), it's written as one
> word (wabDo). The pronunciation (and, for that matter, meaning) is the
> same."

Is {bIQDep} (covers most animals in the sea, but not small animals) a
different thing than a {bIQ Dep} (any water creature)?

Is {bIQSIp} (hydrogen) a different thing than {bIQ SIp} (water gas)?

There are a number of words which appear to be compound words in the
vocabulary (written without space), with meanings which are not quite what
they would mean written as two separate words.

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