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> On 8/30/2018 10:05 AM, Lieven L. Litaer wrote:
> This topic is returning very often, and Okrand seems to be "not at all
> picky about that." (email to the mailing list from loghaD, 11/16/14)
> The creator of the language hardly needs to worry about whether words he
> can make up at the drop of a hat need to have spaces in them.
> Okrand is also more concerned with spoken Klingon than written. His
> transcription system is just a description of pronunciation, and you don't
> usually pronounce spaces between words. So when pronounced,
> *HoDlupDujHomquS* is identical to *HoD lupDujHom quS** chair of the
> captain's shuttlecraft.*
Two examples of this from the early vocabulary (TKD):

And then there's (TKDA):

And later (KGT):

So I think there's some hints in the early vocabulary that he had
considered writing noun-noun constructions as single words, and sticking
adjectival verbs to the end of the noun, at some point, but maybe changed
his mind.

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